US CK Realty, LLC. seeks a marketing manager

Job Duties

Manage the Company Website

Company website is a great platform that can present the company products, services, locations and corporate image. All the information needed to be updated on a daily basis to ensure customers can get most up-to-the-minute info.

The beneficiary is responsible for keeping the website up-to-date with news, photos, promotions, new listings and more. One of the most important features of our company is having easy access to the listings. It also helps to make frequent updates. This will keep customers coming back to the website to look for updates, and hopefully we can get bidding from there.

Oversee the Newsletter

Along with managing the website, the beneficiary also oversees the company’s newsletter. This involves the monthly or quarterly newsletter with valuable information to our customers. A good newsletter includes company news, reviews, promotions and anything else a customer might find interest in.

The beneficiary also monitors the newsletter’s success by using the data provided by the newsletter distributor to see which links and news were the most popular and which didn’t really do much.

Promote Events                  

When the company participant in special events, the beneficiary’s job is to help promote these events. This can be done through online ads, print ads, fliers, and even local radio commercials.

The beneficiary also generates free publicity by inviting press to the event and using social networking tools to spread the word.

Social Networking

Just like a website is a necessity for any company, so is a social network presence. The beneficiary is responsible for creating and building a social network presence using online social networking sites. These sites help strengthen the company’s online image and allow individuals to share experiences relating to the company. Because of this, the company can gain an online fan base and create a viral buzz that could lead to a larger customer base and more business.

Keep Up-to-Date With Trends and Competitors

The beneficiary should stay on top of news, trends and competitors. By knowing what is going on in the broader industry as a whole and with specific competitors, the beneficiary can present her suggestion to tailor company marketing activities to meet the demands of the market.

Develop Promotions

The beneficiary is responsible for coming up with different promotion methods to meet company goals (such as get more market share, etc.) and need to analyze which methods are carried out more successfully.

Bachelor Degree in marketing or related major required.

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