Brae Acres Townhomes in Sharpstown

“The Best Realtor Ever!!! Claire is the best realtor I have met in my life. For a very nice opportunity we met Claire. She is such a good person, who is very nice and kind. After we said that we want to buy a place, she considered every different condition and gives us the recommends, which are totally good for us. The most important character we found about Claire is that she didn’t deal with this as just business, but she wants everyone who buys the home through her get the best price and most benefit. For our case, we just bought a small condo. But she still spent lots of time and energy on it. Even this condo got multiple offers, she still did not ask us to add a lot on the price (which is really different from other agent we heard from our friends), she said, “let us give a reasonable price, if we could not get this one, I will show you guys more in few days.”, She is not like some of the agents, who just want to earn the money quickly. The only thing she always wants to make sure is that her clients get what they want at the best price! Through the whole case, the agent of seller was quite not friendly to work with. However, Claire still tries to make discussion with him by lots of ways. She showed us how many emails and texts she sent every day. Without her, we cannot live in our home very happily now. Even when the case is almost closed, she still makes sure all the things are settled down for several times. The only reason she did this is for us. She wants us to live in there with not even one problem. In this case, she never pushed us, but we know exactly how many works she did for this case. We are really appreciated what she did for us. And wants everyone who wants to buy a place can have an agent like Claire. She is not just an agent for us; she is really a good friend. We are really recommending Claire for all of our friends. We just got the news that she got the prize of “HOUTON BEST REALTOR”, we are really happy for her,.”